Our vision is to provide a real alternative to gaming, tablets and social media. We offer children aged 7-11 fun, educational and engaging reading and activities, through our range of educational and factual magazines.

Our aim is for parents, grandparents and other family members to embrace The Comic Club with their children. We want to provide a fun and engaging way for children to gain factual knowledge. Every month the children will have a top-quality magazine and colouring sheet delivered to their door. This can be enjoyed over the course of the month in short bursts of activities when the children and the family have time to spend together.

We believe if The Comic Club is embraced as intended, children will be spending less time on computers, tablets and social media.

Cutting screen time by an hour a day can have a range of amazing benefits. Family engagement will improve and families will enjoy spending quality time together, reading, writing and being creative. This will help develop a child’s social interaction skills. Not to mention the educational benefits including; developing their imagination, improving focus and encouraging reading for pleasure.

Making a real impact on family life. Behaviour will improve as there will be better communication with family members. Less time will be spent on solitary games and more time spent as a family unit or one to one. Children will increase their knowledge, social skills and ignite fresh interest. This will ultimately, improve reading and writing skills also.

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