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Emperor Penguins

Emperor penguins are the largest species of penguin, reaching heights of over 1 metre tall. That’s quite big for a bird.

Habitat: Emperor Penguins live around the outside of Antarctica and the surrounding waters. They go out into the water to hunt for food but on land like to stay near cliffs or icebergs that can shield them from the wind.

Features: Emperor Penguins have a number of adaptations for their environment. They have a very dense layer of feathers that traps in the heat, especially useful when they’re swimming in icy waters. They also have a layer of fat just under their skin that also helps.

Their colours are also an adaptation, their backs are black and fronts mostly white. This helps them avoid predators, as if predators look down, they will just see the back depths below and if they look up they just see the white of the surface.